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          Phenyl Ethyl Phenyl Acetate

          ID 20
          Product Name Phenyl Ethyl Phenyl Acetate
          CAS 102-20-5
          EINECS 203-013-1
          Chemical Name and Synonyms Phenethyl phenylacetate
          Molecular Formula C16H16O2
          Structural Formula
          Recommended Applications Used as fragrance, tobacco fragrance and flavor. The upper level up to 5%.
          Packing Net weight: 200 KG in a iron drum
          Storage Stored in tightly sealed, preferably full containers covered with nitrogen, in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

          Odor: sweet, rich rose and hyacinth odor with balsamic and honey note.
          Appearance: clear, colorless to pale yellow liquid. Solid at low temperature
          Refractive Index (20°C): 1.545 - 1.555
          Specific Gravity(20/4°C): 1.075 – 1.090
          GC content: ≥98%
          Flash Point: ≥100°C

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